Last month, our own Russ Bengtson penned an article wishing for the return of the Nike Air Zoom Generation in Wheat. His wish may be coming to fruition as the AZG made an appearance in last night's PAC-12 Championship finale. 

In a game that pitted the UCLA Bruins against the Arizona Wildcats, 'Cats guard Trey Mason, rocked the Nike Air Zoom Generation "First Game" leading many of us to speculate Nike possibly retroing LeBron James' first signature shoe. Heads who caught the game were delighted to see the shoes again and based on Nike's history of blessing Wildcat players with early samples, Mike Bibby debuting the Foamposite One being the most memorable, it wouldn't be too far fetched that the Swoosh would utilize a similar methodology with the AZGs. With the shoe being over 10 years old, which is crazy by the way, it really wouldn't be that much of a surprise to see Nike start the retro process. If you needed anymore hope for a possible retro, you need go back just a few months to King James' Instagram post in which he asked his followers "retro time people?" while posting a photo collage of himself wearing the same First Game model. 

With all of that said, this could simply be a case of Trey Mason being a sneaker junkie just like the rest of us. If you played nationally televised games regularly, wouldn't you wear "heat" on occasion? Considering it was a championship game last night, Mason probably just brought out something extra special for the event. If you're a betting man though, I'd put my money on seeing the LeBron retros sooner than later. And yeah, just hearing the term "LeBron Retros" probably makes a bunch of you older sneakerheads feel even more ancient than you already do.

[via aaronknows]