While the news has yet to confirmed by adidas (official ball sponsors of the World Cup) and FIFA officials, images of the new Brazuca 2014 World Cup Ball have leaked on the world wide web.

At first glance, it looks like the adidas Brazuca match ball features a revolutionary new design that features less panels and a reworked surface for improved handling. The ball was used in all FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013 matches this past year to test its performance on the pitch. The one characteristic that stood out above all the rest is the ball’s exceptional flight velocity. So far, the Brazuca has proven to be extremely fast and responsive, and should make for some impeccable goal scoring next summer in Brazil. If you’re wondering about the ball’s name—it was chosen by fans last Fall, and is a slang term for native Brazilians.

The adidas Brazuca 2014 World Cup Ball is expected to be officially unveiled on December 6 following the World Cup draw.


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