Spalding is better known for its more straight-forward equipment, particularly as the official maker of NBA basketballs and like product, but it has had a pretty significant history in making basketball shoes. Though they have never been a leader in the footwear industry, some of its choice sneakers were made in the 1990s, most evidently for Basketball Hall of Famer, Hakeem Olajuwon, formerly of the Houston Rockets. Recently, the brand has attracted the likes of Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers and Sacramento Kings shooting guard Jimmer Fredette, and to stay current with the times, Spalding is debuting another new model for its young players.

The Spalding Cytek is a basketball shoe that getting its fair share of light in Japan, but likely to come to the States soon. Sporting an upgrade in technology, the Cytek appears to be a shoe that can compete for attention on its own. It sports what seems to be a hidden Cyclone Strap beneath the synthetic leather upper, a more prominent thermoplastic Heel Stabilizer for better security, and an impressive Super Grip Rubber outsole, in addition to a arch support bridge for sole support.

Usually never a brand that is supplied at major retail footwear stores, you can probably start looking for the Spalding Cytek at your local chain department stores.


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