It's not always fair to say that 'big man shoes don't sell', largely because of what determines what makes a shoe move off of the shelf. Much of the time, the design speaks to something more utilitarian and immobile than a quick-looking, more nimble alternative. Regardless of what gets the dollars, no one has ever said that shoes for big men don't actually work. In the case of a certain PEAK basketball shoe, it's counter-stereotype.

The PEAK Prospect is described as a shoe for "the hard-working big man", but the Prospect looks pretty position-agnostic, which is a plus. Cumbersome footwear of any kind limits performance, and performance is what Sneaker Report is all about.

Composed of a combination of premium leather and textile in the upper, the Prospect brings a classy polish to a hardwood performer. There's mesh in the quarter panel near the ankle to help with maintaining a decent weight and encourage better breathability. As far as cushioning is concerned, a combination of PEAK's Cushion-3 and Aerofoam in the midsole help for impact protection and a comfortable ride with all of the pounding. While all of the aforementioned tech may be subject to the wearer's own preference, the Prospect has two surefire things that are industry successes in basketball footwear -- a full herringbone traction pattern for the absolute grip you can have on the floor, and lateral outriggers that enhance your stability when you cut or assume a defensive stance.

Don't be totally surprised if you see JaVale McGee of the Denver Nuggets, Luis Scola of the Houston Rockets, or even Shane Battier of the Miami Heat wearing these -- they may make you think twice about wearing a 'big man's shoe'.


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