One of the biggest and greatest sports events of the year is the New York City Marathon. A beacon for runners worldwide, the NYC Marathon carries a great deal of prestige and excitement, especially for runners looking to make their mark as marathoners. Luckily, New Balance has given participants in the NYC Marathon an opportunity to run in one of the most trusted runners in this era.

In the New Balance 990 NYC Marathon edition, the shoe is simple but effectively put together. It takes on a classically recognizable New York Knicks/New York Mets/New York Islanders colorway in blue x orange x white. Also what is noticeable is the suede build of the 990, something that is necessary with the colder weather and so many other feet likely stomping your own feet while running the race. Still, there is New Balance's ENCAP foam in the midsole, which provides a denser cushioning setup for stability and durability purposes, prolonging the wear of the shoe. There's even a nice touch of NYC accents on the heel and insole of the shoe, just to mark the occasion.

In the past, there have been more performance-driven runners from New Balance concerning the NYC Marathon, as Sneaker Report has covered before. We expect for there to be more coming from New Balance regarding racing footwear, as the 990 is a classic performance model. Though it's suitable for some, more people have embraced more modern versions of the company's race runners. Please stay tuned to Sneaker Report for more details likely forthcoming.

[Nice Kicks]

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