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The CrossRope is a new jump rope system consisting of 7 different size and weight cables designed to give you one of the toughest workouts of your life. The CrossRope won’t only increase your cardio game, but it will drastically help change and improve the muscles in your feet, ankles, calves, legs, wrists, core, and shoulders. The CrossRope is going to help you shred fat and increase stamina, all while improving your speed, jumping ability, and mental capacity.

The CrossRope is not easy. If fact, it’s actually quite hard. Especially once you move past the “stamina” and “explode” cables. These are essentially your light middle two cables. These are the only two cables I was personally provided with so I can't give too much feedback on the heavier cables, and how they react. But, after the “explode” cable, weighing in at .75 lbs., the cables begin to increase in size and weight. This is where the real burn begins. What’s great about the CrossRope though, is that you never have to do something you’re not quite ready for yet. The cables are interchangeable with CrossRope’s unique and original handles. Just simply clip on and off the cables you’re looking to use and begin your workout. As you grow and become stronger, you change with the cables. The bigger and stronger you are, the bigger and heavier cable you’re now ready to use.

The CrossRope comes with 7 different interchangeable cables:  Sprint (1.9 Oz.), Speed (2.9 Oz.), Stamina (5.2 Oz.), Explode (.75 lb.), Power (1.25 lb.), Strength (2.0 lb.), and Titan (3.0 lb.). All of which are built with a galvanized steel core wrapped in colored vinyl. The vinyl allows for maximum speed and minimum drag. It also prevents any crimping. The cables slice through the air with ease and swipe across the floor without any hesitation. Once you’re done with your workout, proper storage comes into play. When you’re all wrapped up, it’s recommended that you roll your cables back up. This will help prevent three things. One, your cables won’t get tangled and twisted, two, you’ll prevent kinking, and most importantly, it makes your life easier. You can stay organized with them rolled up, and it makes them a lot more convenient to carry.

As far as the handles are concerned, they’re pretty wild. They remind me on nun chucks. Your grips are an 8 inch long, 7 ounce handle made of PVC piping wrapped in ultra-strong grip tape to help maintain grip throughout a workout. These handles are fitted with a ball bearing clip for maximum rotational speed. With speeds this fast, the cables generate a lot of torque and that makes it more difficult to hold onto; especially with the 3 heavy cables. This is exactly why the 3 heavy cables, Power, Strength, and Titan, have their own separate handles. These handles are much thicker and heavier, weighing in around 11 ounces, with the same ball bearing clip and grip tape. The reason behind CrossRope using long 8” handles is because it allows you for choking up or down on the grip, which results in different styles of jump rope. For example, if you choke up high on the handle (right below the ball bearing) then you’re shooting for maximum stamina and endurance. If you want maximum rotational speed, then you’re going to want to go with a thumb’s up grip at the middle or lower part of the handle. I like this because it’s diverse and allows for different experiences.

However, because the handles have this ball bearing, free spinning clip, the cables become approximately 5 inches longer than the rope itself. This is important to understand because sizing is huge for jump rope.

Choosing the appropriate size length of your cables is one of the most important steps when ordering your CrossRope. If your cable is too long, you may have difficulty with rotation, and if it’s too short, you’ll continue to get it caught around your feet. has a sizing chart available and they recommend you follow it based on your height. Before you do any ordering, here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a size. The four light and fast cables are about three inches longer than the three heavy cables. This is because the heavier cables have a stiffer arch which relates into a more consistent jump. So technically, these cables are easier to jump with...technically. The lighter ones are longer because the extra length is used as a buffer to ensure a more consistent jump. Also if you're the type of person who jumps with wide arms, or just prefer the extra length, then CrossRope recommends you go up a size in length in relation to your height, which is about 3”-6”. This works vice versa as well. If you jump with a narrow arm position or know that your form is tight, then CrossRope recommends you go down a size in length in relation to your height, which again is about 3”-6”.

Bottom Line: If you're not somebody looking to make a serious change in their fitness life, then the CrossRope probably isn't for you. However, if find yourself getting into to world of fitness, then there's no better rope out there.


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