It’s already a wild idea in most respects to fashion a shoe after a bra, let alone a shoe that actually has purpose beyond standing and walking. It’s even wilder to produce that shoe with the intent of it becoming a hit product, but what happens when you decide to style said bra-styled running shoe to attain the relative likeness of a state flag in bright yellow? Strangely, for the Under Armour UA SpeedForm, it’s worked charmingly.

Dubbed as the “Maryland Pride” Edition, the UA SpeedForm has been given a bit of a facelift in color, taking after both the Maryland state flag and the University of Maryland school colors, showing the pride that UA founder Kevin Plank has long exhibited.

Even the shoe is a bit brighter with its bright, rich yellow hue, the performance of the UA SpeedForm is still exactly as it’s been produced. The seamless heel cup is still there providing an anatomical fit for the foot to nestle down in, the multi-purpose insole-midsole-outsole is still thick, soft, and light for landings, cushioning, and impact protection. The Micro G cushioning is all there, too.

All that’s different is the presence of a little visual enthusiasm.


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