The sneaker industry to a lot of people is a mysterious and unreachable dream but the reality is, the people behind the kicks all have one thing in common. Whether they are a part of the design process, a product line manager, a sales person, or a media professional, they all put in a lot of hard work to get where they are. With the sneaker industry bigger than it's ever been and the future looking brighter than it's ever been, we decided to chat with some sneaker industry insiders from all different backgrounds and career paths to get their thoughts on working in the industry, how they got started, what their expectations were and what they would suggest for people looking to get into the sneaker industry themselves. It's been said that it's never a good idea to follow someone else's path step by step but with these people, having some guidance from them can never hurt. Check out Why We Do What We Do: Conversations With Sneaker Industry Insiders and let us know when you'll be joining the sneaker enthusiasts by making your own path.