Category: Running
Best For: 5k to Marathons
Star Feature: BioMoGo
Weight: 8.6

Fall is around the corner, and what better way to take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather than by putting a few miles on a good pair of runners.

When I first put the ST 5’s on, I was thoroughly impressed. The shoe fit thin and narrow which allowed them to stay snug around the sides and top of my foot. The toe box however is slightly wider than the body of the foot, which turns out to be a positive. As you tact on the miles, and your foot begins to swell, the wider toe box allows for more foot room and reduces the chances of  any uncomfortable tightness. The mesh upper is also light weight and really lets the shoe breathe. The tongue and heel support are thin and light to give the shoe that minimal feel.

Although the Racer ST 5 is considered a minimal shoe, I would most likely use this shoe as a trainer. I ran the shoes on a 1.5 mile warm up to the gym, where I followed with a leg routine consisting of treadmill hit drills, box jumps, squats, and lunges. The shoe handled all areas very well. The shoe is very lightweight and breathable the way a long distance runner should be, but it’s got the support that you’d expect from a trainer, especially in the heel. The shoe also has a great track pattern along the forefront of the sole, which makes it great on multiple difference surfaces. The ST 5 was super grippy felt as if has no problems switching between terrains. It’s also nice and flexible with flex groves on the sole. The added flexibility also gave a little pop to your push off. The Racer ST 5 felt a little flat in long straight runs though. The arch support is low and the 12mm offset keep the shoe low to the ground. If you’re a flat footed runner, then this shoe may not be for you. Although they felt a bit flat, these runners never felt uncomfortable. The ST 5 features Brooks BioMoGo which is a high end rubber compound which is going to keep your sole springy and cushioned. The Brooks Racer ST 5 was actually so comfortable on my foot, I actually kept them on for about an hour as I walked around my apartment post workout.

With all this positive feedback, there must be some negative. The Brooks Racer ST 5 don’t come with your typical, everyday laces. These runners come with thin, silky, ribbon laces. At first, they may give the impression of being difficult to tie, but they actually don’t pose too much of a problem. It’s more of a cosmetic negative than anything else. Other than that, it’s a great looking shoe.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re lacing up in order to prepare for an upcoming race or just an enthusiast looking to keep in shape, the Brooks Racer ST 5 is an ideal choice.


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