Of all the lightweight running shoes in the Brooks Running PureProject collection, the PureConnect is by far the most popular model for runners who prefer to feel more with less in hopes of a completely natural ride. If you happen to fit that exact description, there’s good news ahead—the next version of the shoe, the PureConnect 3 is on its way.

For the first time since the shoe made its debut, the PureConnect 3 will feature a complete redesign. The 3 not only comes with a redesigned upper, but its platform has also been upgraded for better overall performance.

Leading the series of changes is a repositioned spit toe in the forefoot (which now sits between the second and third toes instead of between the big toe and second toe like in the previous versions), as well as a slightly narrower last in the midfoot, and a roomier toe box for a more conformed fit. The all-important Nav Band on the PureConnect 3 has also been tweaked for a better lockdown fit. It is now made from a more durable silicone instead of fabric, and is also wider for increased support.

Look for the Brooks PureConnect 3 to hit retailers later this year in December.

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