Ankle sprains are a common problem in basketball. That’s why footwear brand Ektio is on an on-going mission to help eliminate the number one injury in all of sports with its clinically tested lineup of basketball shoes.

While Ektio shoes have mainly been available in the states up until now, it looks like the New York-based brand is looking to take its ankle sprain-reducing crusade international by signing with Xebio, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in Japan.

“Xebio will give Ektio significant Asian distribution in the athletic footwear market,” said Ektio President and CEO Dr. Barry Katz. “The Japanese market is constantly seeking innovative products, making this a great fit with Ektio. Xebio's reach into China will also be quite significant, as the rapidly growing Chinese basketball market also has a great need for ankle protection in basketball. There is no better alternative on the market to prevent ankle sprains in basketball than Ektio footwear.”

The move will not only put Ektio on shelves in Japanese retailers, it will also expand into China, as Xebio confirmed it will be moving into the Chinese market next spring. There’s no word yet whether Ektio will roll out any Asian-exclusive models.


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