KicksOnCourt's performance reviews of the Athletic Propulsion Lab Concept 3 may surprise you, with high marks for traction and overall breathability. What really killed us is Nightwing2303's evidence of the true propulsion of each shoe, pitting the KDV vs the Concept 3. Props for the good 'ole jump contest. That backboard doesn't lie.

If you haven't heard of APL before, the brand was officially banned from the NBA prior to the 2010-11 season due to their Load 'N Launch patented technology. This third edition of the original Concept claims to "instantly increase the vertical leap of those who play in the shoes" while incorporating an all-over mesh upper.  Housed in the forefoot of the shoe, the technical advantage didn't fly with the NBA as it was banned in 2010 as it provided an "undue competitive advantage."

Check out Nightwing2303's full review here, or try out the shoes for yourself here.


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