Ladies, if you’re into the whole minimal trend, there are plenty of slimmed down trail running shoes out there. But if you want to go the other route and load up on the cushioning, HOKA has rolled out a women’s-specific trail runner this fall that definitely deserves some consideration.

Like the rest of HOKA’s lineup, the Kailua Trail features a beefed up midsole that looks a bit intimidating at first, but is designed for optimal comfort and protection. Despite a “maximalist” construction, the shoe is surprisingly lightweight at just over 9 ounces. The EVA foam midsole offers excellent shock absorption, and features a rockered design to promote forward momentum. As for traction, the Kailua has a triangular-shaped lug pattern designed for uphill and downhill running—a perfect shoe for ultra-marathons. Up top, the shoe features a breathable mesh upper for proper temperature regulation, especially during the grueling summer months. The HOKA Kailua is also available in a Tarmac version for runners who prefer the road over the trail, with the only difference being a less prominent outsole pattern.


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