Earlier this year, New Balance chose 22-year-old Milos Raonic to spearhead its new tennis campaign. While, Raonic has been rocking New Balance gear on the pro circuit since January, NB has yet to actually release an official tennis collection. There’s some good news though—a complete apparel and footwear collection from the sportswear brand is on its way (in late 2013).

There aren’t any specifics on the NB tennis collection just yet, but we do know that Raonic will provide feedback to designers through every phase of product development—just goes to show you how much stock NB is putting into the No. 15 ranked men’s singles player in the world.

Until then, Raonic will continue playing in the New Balance 996, like the All England Club-approved version seen above. Currently, NB doesn’t offer a lot in the way of footwear, but the 996, with its herringbone outsole and durable upper, is a decent stability shoe designed for an all-around game.

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