The Dick's Sporting Goods #RunFor campaign is now entering its fourth week. Featured this week are Rick and Dick Hoyt, a father and son team who have achieved remarkable goals. Team Hoyt runs for the people who think they can't run, providing inspiration to individuals with disabilities and families who have disabled relatives.

Rick has cerebral palsy, which makes him unable to speak or use his arms and legs. But after hearing of a charity race to benefit a high school player who was paralyzed, Rick told his father he wanted to join in on the fundraiser. Dick Hoyt was 40 years old at the time and not a runner by any stretch of imagination, but he took his sun to the charity event and they finished second-to-last. Upon returning home, Rick told his dad that while he was running, it felt as if his disability disappeared. Now, the father/son tandem has finished 1,091 events in 34 years, including 252 triathlon (six of which were Ironman), 70 marathons, 94 half-marathons, and 155 5k races. Talk about inspiring.

Check out Team Hoyt's video above and shop Rick and Dick's gear here.

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