The University of North Carolina Tar Heels basketball program is one of the most recognizable programs in all of sports. From iconic head coaches like Dean Smith and Roy Williams to legendary basketball players like Charlie Scott, Billy Cunningham, Phil Ford, Jerry Stackhouse and Antawn Jamison, there's nothing that hasn't been accomplished in the Carolina Blue in Chapel Hill. Oh yeah, they also had some guy named Michael Jordan come through the program, ever heard of him?

The Tar Heels have also wore a variety of sneakers over the years. From starting off with Converse and wearing famous kicks like the Chuck Taylors and the Weapons, to switching over to the their most famous alum's sneaker brand to wear Nike and Jordan, respectfully. Let’s take a look at The Sneakers Worn for the 15 Best North Carolina Performances of All Time.

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No. 15 - Ed Cota Sets The NCAA Record By Playing In 138 Games Without Ever Fouling Out

The Player: Ed Cota
The Sneaker: Nike Air Adjust Force

It can be debated that Ed Cota is one of the greatest college point guards of all-time as his accolades are virtually unmatched by anyone in the game. Along with taking UNC to three Final Fours, Cota the first player in NCAA history to record 1,000 points, 1,000 assists and 500 rebounds in a career. Cota finished third on the NCAA all-time assists list, and owns the record for most assists in a career at Carolina. The craziest record Cota set was the still NCAA record of 138 games without ever fouling out. All hail Ed Cota.

No. 14 - George Glamack Becomes UNC's First Superstar

The Player: George Glamack
The Sneaker: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

George Glamack, a.k.a. the “Blind Bomber” of Chapel Hill, was an All-America selection and the recipient of the Helms Foundation Player of the Year in 1940 and 1941. Glamack earned his nickname because of poor eyesight and a historic hook shot, Glamack led the Tar Heels to a Southern Conference championship and an invitation to their first-ever NCAA tournament. UNC faced off against Pittsburgh in the eight-team tournament and lost 26-20.

No. 13 - Harrison Barnes Becomes The 9th Tar Heel To Win The ACC Rookie Of The Year Award

The Player: Harrison Barnes
The Sneaker: Nike Zoom Kobe VII

The Black Falcon continued the long legacy of Tar Heel players who bring home the ACC Rookie of the Year award as Barnes won the title in 2011. The self-giving nicknamer would go on to earn 1st-team All-ACC honors as well score the most points as a Freshman in the ACC tournament history since Phil Ford scored 78 points in 1975.

No. 12 - Shammond Williams Sets 3-Point Record In Tar Heels History

The Player: Shammond Williams
The Sneaker: Nike Air Max CW

One of the crunkest players in UNC History, Shammond Williams always had a flair for making big plays for head coach Dean Smith. From audacious dunks at the rim, from firing from long range, Williams was always a threat on the floor. Williams finished with 233 3-pointers made in his career and the record still stands to this day. Now? He's headed to Furman to work as an assistant coach.

No. 11 - Charlie Scott Becomes The First Black Player In UNC History

The Player: Charlie Scott
The Sneaker: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Charlie Scott will go down in the history books for leading the North Carolina Tar Heels to multiple ACC Championships and two Final Fours, but Scott's notable achievement is that he was the first black athlete in Tar Heels history. Scott's breaking of the color barrier was astounding because of his charismatic nature and the way he handled the scrutiny. A tip of the cap to Charlie Scott for being a pioneer in such a revolutionary era.

No. 10 - Julius Peppers Trades His Cleats For Jordans, Leads UNC To Final Four In 2000

The Player: Julius Peppers
The Sneaker: Air Jordan XV

There might not be a more feared player in two sports as Julius Peppers was back from 1998-2002. The future No. 2 overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft was also a walk-on for the Tar Heels hoop squad, and the 6'8" power forward helped UNC make an improbable run to the Final Four.

No. 9 - Vince Carter And Antawn Jamison Lead UNC To The 1998 Final Four

The Player: Vince Carter
The Sneaker: Air Jordan Team One

The duo of Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison were beloved by fans all across the country for their blend of athleticism and flair on the basketball court. While Jamison's mid-range/post game proved the balance needed for UNC, Carter's aerial exploits made the Tar Heels must see TV.

No. 8 - James Worthy's Legendary Performance In The 1982 National Championship

The Player: James Worthy
The Sneaker: Converse Pro Leather

While everyone remembers the performance by a certain #23 in the '82 title game versus Georgetown, a fella who would eventually be known as "Big Game James" began to cement his own legacy. In the title game, Worthy went for 28 points on  13-for-17 shooting and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. Jordan might've owned the singular moment, but the moment doesn't happen without Worthy.

No. 7 - Danny Green Tells Greg Paulus To Stop Flopping

The Player: Danny Green
The Sneaker: Air Jordan 16.5

Duke players have long been known to have a penchant to take charges all the time. From the days of Steve Wojciechowski to Shane Battier, the legacy is embedded in Duke culture. Greg Paulus wanted to be the next guy known to take charges, but Danny Green reminded him as to why "taking a charge" isn't always a good idea.

No. 6 - Phil Ford Becomes UNC's All-Time Leading Scorer

The Player: Phil Ford
The Sneaker: Converse Pro Leather

Although Ford's record would later be broken by "Psycho-T" Tyler Hansbrough, there are some who believe that Phil Ford is the best player in Tar Heels history. With 2,290 points in his four years at Chapel Hill, Ford finished his career as a three-time All-American and his retired No. 12 jersey permanently raised in the rafters.

No. 5 - North Carolina Wins Their First National Title 

The Player: Lenny Rosenbluth
The Sneaker: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Rosenbluth was the first real basketball legend to grace the campus of Chapel Hill, as he helped lead UNC to a perfect 32-0 record in 1957. Most notably, in the championship game vs. Kansas, the 6'5" Rosenbluth went head-to-head with Wilt Chamberlain in the triple-overtime victory.

No. 4 - Sean May Helps Roy Williams Win His First National Title

The Player: Sean May
The Sneaker: Air Jordan XIX

The one thing that Roy Williams could never claim while coaching at Kansas was a national championship. In 2005, now coaching his home school, the chance to get his first ring was upon him. With Sean May working down low and going to work on an undersized Illinois frontline, the eventual Most Outstanding Player of the 2005 tourney finished with 26 points on 10–11 shooting and grabbing 10 rebounds. Oh, and that elusive title for Ol' Roy.

No. 3 - George Lynch Traps Chris Webber, A Timeout Is Called

The Player: George Lynch
The Sneaker: Converse Accelerator RS1

Everyone remembers that Chris Webber called the infamous timeout, but Lynch and his fellow UNC teammates did a great job in funneling him to the corner. The Fab Five might be more remembered, but the 1993 Tar Heels finished as champions.

No. 2 - Psycho-T Finishes His College Career As The ACC's All-Time Leading Scorer 

The Player: Tyler Hansbrough
The Sneaker: Air Jordan 16.5

There have been few collegians who have had as good of a basketball career than Tyler Hansbrough. Hansbrough was a unanimous 4-year selection for the ACC All Conference Team, the Wooden Award winner in 2008 and finished his career as the ACC's all-time leading scorer. However, the eventual 2009 NCAA champion was more known for being a crazy SOB in his workout regiment and on the court, thus earning the Psycho-T moniker.

No. 1 - The Jumper: Freshman Michael Jordan's 17-Foot Jumper Wins Title For Tar Heels

The Player: Michael Jordan
The Sneaker: Converse Pro Leather

The Air Apparent begins his reign as the king of basketball with the jumper heard around the world. North Carolina defeats Georgetown, let the celebration begin.

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