Knowing when to replace old of running sneakers for a fresh pair is a problem many runners share. If you fall into that category, fear not, something called the MilestonePod could just help.

Designed by a group of runners to help fellow runners avoid injury caused by not replacing your beat up sneakers in time, or by shelling out cash for a new pair when your current ones still have life left in them, the MilestonePod connects to your shoe to continuously track how many miles you run. Given that running shoes typically last somewhere between 400-600 miles (less for some minimal and barefoot shoes), the nifty gadget keeps track of the information for you can get the most out of your running sneakers. Just think of it as an odometer for your shoes. The MileagePod connects right to your computer via an USB port, where you can register yourself and input your basic health information. 

With a suggested retail price of just $15, you really can't go wrong with this one. You can pre order one at Milestone Pod.

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