New Balance is looking to shake up the barefoot running world with their latest Minimus release, the Hi-Rez. Using a innovative new outsole with individual pods, NB lead designer Chris Wawrousek says the concept of the shoe quickly became determining "how little we could get away with."

The Fantom Fit upper is strategically crafted to allow a certain amount of stretch in particular target areas, while still maintaining adequate support in other areas of the shoe. Chris says, "Rather than it be either 'support' or 'no support', it's sort of blending those support elements in a unique way to provide what you'd consider to be a more ideal upper configuration."

But the truly groundbreaking aspect of the Hi-Rez is the outsole. The sole is designed to be loose and move naturally with the shoe, creating a minimal feel that other running shoes haven't been able to mimic.

The Minimus Hi-Rez will officially debut in April 2013 for a retail price of $120.

[New Balance]

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