It seems like footwear brands, particularly those geared towards running, are always on the prowl to unleash the latest and greatest innovative products to willing consumers. We’ve seen Nike do it with the Flyknit, Mizuno with the Wave technology, and so on. Well now you can add Swiss brand On Running to the mix.

A company that launched its first sneaker just a couple of years ago is looking to become a serious contender in the running world mainly behind its patented CloudTec cushioning system that consists of hollow rubber pods placed strategically on the outsole to provide a sort of bounce effect in hopes of keeping a runner’s momentum moving forward. Now, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve seen this form of technology used in running sneakers before—for instance in the Nike Shox, as well as the adidas Ultraride. However, On Running has taken a more minimal approach to their design, which the brand hopes will be appealing to a wider range of runners.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: this is just another gimmick-y product trying to steal your hard earned dough. But take it from someone who’s tried the kicks on—On Running might just be on to something special here.

Check out the On Running collection, and stay tuned for a performance review on the new kicks.

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