There's no such thing as loyalty in sports. Whether your a player or an owner, and whether it's the NFL or the NBA, at the end of the day, it's simply a business.

The tip-off of each NBA season begins with a fistful of hope and optimism for teams and their beloved fan bases hoping to taste an ounce of greatness come June. Year after year, teams begin making roster changes as soon the NBA free agency opens in hopes of keeping up with the rest of the league. This offseason has been no different.

Following in the footsteps of LeBron James and the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers are the newest proud owners of a NBA "super" team. After nabbing two proven superstars, Steven Nash and Dwight Howard, the Lakers now have a legitimate chance at de-throwning the reigning champs Miami Heat. Despite running the tables last season, Miami brought in another weapon in Ray Allen to ensure their dominance on the hardwood continues. Of course, the Lakers and Heat aren't the only teams making moves. From Houston to Brooklyn, you'll see some new faces in new places as the NBA regular season officially gets under way tonight. Here's a list of 10 recently-traded NBA players who are likely to make an immediate impact flaunting their new jerseys.

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Player: Ray Allen

Former Team: Boston Celtics

Current Team: Miami Heat

In the blink of an eye, Ray Allen went from being a pretty well-liked guy to being one of the 12 most hated players in the NBA—just by being on the Miami Heat roster. But like it or not, “Jesus Shuttlesworth” is sure to have a positive impact on his new team. Perhaps a 2-peat is on the horizon for Miami.

Player: Dwight Howard

Former Team: Orlando Magic

Current Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe managed to win his last two rings without a great center, so just imagine what will happen when you add Dwight Howard to the mix. And with the addition of Steve Nash, there just might be a new “lob city” in Los Angeles.  If and when the Lakers face off against Miami in the Finals, Dwight will be the deciding factor in the matchup.

Player: O.J. Mayo

Former Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Current Team: Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban’s beloved Mavericks are just two years removed from a NBA title, however a lot has changed in those couple of years. With a brand new lineup, the Mavs are hoping Mayo can step in and fill the void left behind by the departure of the Jason’s—Terry and Kidd. It won’t be easy, but if Mayo can somehow get it going, there’s certainly potential here.

Player: James Harden

Former Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Current Team: Houston Rockets

There’s no question Harden will miss Kevin Durant and company, but he just has way too much up-side to get hung up on feelings. At the end of the day, the NBA is a business, and the former Sixth Man of the Year realizes that. Expect big things this season from the Lin-Harden duo.

Player: Joe Johnson

Former Team: Atlanta Hawks

Current Team: Brooklyn Nets

The borough of Brooklyn and Joe Johnson have one thing in common: both will begin their journey with the Nets together. Behind Deron Williams, Johnson will be the second scoring option for Avery Johnson's squad. And if there's anyone that can fill up a stat sheet, it's Joe.

Player: Steve Nash

Former Team: Phoenix Suns

Current Team: Los Angeles Lakers

You don’t have to be a Lakers fan to get excited about the idea of Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant teaming up to run a high velocity offensive attack. We should just save everyone the time and skip right to Game 1 of NBA Finals between the Lakers and Miami.

Player: Jason Kidd

Former Team: Dallas Mavericks

Current Team: New York Knicks

We’re almost certain J-Kidd will lose the suit before he hits the court. Regardless, until the Knicks win a playoff series in the new millenium, we won't take them as a serious threat to challenge Miami in the East. With that said, Jason Kidd will be the perfect mentor for starting point guard Raymond Felton. Kidd, who turns 40 in March, should still get some solid minutes coming off the bench.

Player: Andrew Bynum

Former Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Current Team: Philadelphia 76ers

On the other end of the Dwight Howard-to-L.A. deal is the beginning of the Andrew Bynum era in Philly. Given his fragile ankle situation, we were hesitant to add Bynum to the list. However, if the big man can find a way to stay healthy, he has the potential to be the best center in the East.

Player: Jeremy Lin

Former Team: New York Knicks

Current Team: Houston Rockets

Unless you were on an intergalactic space mission last season, you experienced Linsanity in one form of another. Now that Jeremy Lin has moved on to Houston, the Harvard alum faces a tough test ahead. Yes, Lin still has a lot of growing to do as a player, but we expect him to embrace the starting point guard position utter confidence.

Player: Andre Iguodala

Former Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Current Team: Denver Nuggets

The Mile High city now has a high-flying shooting guard in Andre Iguodala running the show. Granted, aside from him, the Nuggets don't have a whole lot of fire power to work with, but that just means Iguodala gets a bigger piece of the pie. Expect him to put up huge numbers this season, and for the sake of George Karl, hopefully the rest of the team can rally around him and stay relevant in the Western Conference.