The fall season has officially started and it's time to shake out that gym bag and upgrade its contents. If you haven't already considered compression gear, now may be the time. From marathons to mountain hiking, football to tennis, compression garments are vital before, during and after competition for athletes at all levels. If you are wary of the look, here are 8 Reasons You Should Try Compression Gear This Fall as well as the brands and fits you should check out.

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No. 1 - The Right Fit Will Support Your Muscles.

According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine, compression gear, with its soft quasi-exoskeletal structure, limits extra muscle motion, making movement more efficient.

Try This: The adidas Techfit Powerweb Tee offers high compression for maximum power without sacrificing comfort during your workout.

Bottom Line: A step closer to becoming the bionic man, this gear enhances your athletic performance by lessening the amount of energy needed by making every movement as effective as possible.

No. 2 - Prevention, Prevention, Prevention.

Compression ankle supports, leg sleeves and socks can prevent muscle soreness, swelling and even injury (such as shin splints) among runners, cyclists and hikers. The bands or "zones" of sturdy fabric within compression garments correspond with and support muscle groups, compressing muscle tissue enough to flush away ache-inducing lactic acid. According to, compression shorts reduce impact on muscles by 27% compared with typical non-compression football pants. In addition, compression gear may protect against deep vein thrombosis (DVT): a blood-clot condition usually occurring in the legs due to long travel or inactivity.

Try This: The 2xU Compression Calf Guard will increase circulation for enhanced recovery and reduced soreness.

Bottom Line: Better to be safe than sorry, experienced athletes know that lessening the pain helps the gain down the road.

No. 3 - Keep That Sweat Under Control.

Depending on yarn fiber composition and fabric construction, compression gear can help maintain optimal body temperature, cooling down the body and wicking away sweat during heavy exercise. In addition to thermoregulatory benefits, high-functioning waterproof compression sleeves are providing much-needed comfort to stand-up paddle-boarders.

Try This: The Skins TRI400 Men's Compression Short is a key item for moisture management.

Bottom Line: Keep it cool.

No. 4 - Gets that Blood Flowing.

Strategically placed compression zones promote circulation during workouts, providing a gentle pressing massage effect and possibly reducing oxygen intake. This enhanced blood flow is also what washes away unwanted lactates.

Try This: Nike Pro Compression Socks are made for the soccer field, but training in these for any sport will give you a boost.

Bottom Line: Enhancing blood flow has never looked so tight.

No. 5 - Muscle Fatigue

Compression calf sleeves, socks and shorts will increase muscle recovery while delaying fatigue by limiting the amount of lactates in action during exercise. While compression helps push already-released lactic acid through the bloodstream, it also helps keep the acid within muscles where it does no harm.

Try This: adidas Recovery Calf Sleeves stabilize for the long haul.

Bottom Line: Help your muscles recover faster.

No. 6 - Engineered Performance

Rather than indiscriminately squeezing or constricting, compression gear provides surface pressure to specific muscle groups. Stretchy fabrics allow for proper movement and range of motion, yet do not diminish support or compression.

Bottom Line: Smart design pays off.

No. 7 - Keeps You Warm.

Thermal compression apparel offers the support and warmth needed for winter travel, recovery and alpine training. 2XU is flexing its muscles within the winter sport arena, becoming the official compression gear supplier for the US Ski, FreeSkiing and Snowboarding Teams.

Try This: The 2xU Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Top is a must-have for the slope this winter, plus you'll look like Superman when you peel off the outer layers at the lodge.

Bottom Line: Rethink your baselayers.

No. 8 - Preparation & Recovery

Athletes need to bounce back quickly, getting up to premium performance levels game after game, season after season. Wearing recovery compression gear pre-game, during post-game rituals, and while traveling provides crucial restoration. When off the field, try out recovery compression leg gear like adidas Recovery Calf Sleeves and 2XU Compression Socks for Recovery.

Bottom Line: Key pieces like calf sleeves or compression socks can make all the difference this season.