By now, the word Minimus has been permanently ingrained into our brains thanks to New Balance’s relentless efforts of catering to the minimalist runners. Over the past couple of years, and especially in 2012, New Balance has rolled out a large collection of minimal shoes, including the Minimus 20v1 Cross-Trainer and the off-road Minimus Zero Trail. Now, the brand gives us a training shoe that’s just as impressive as the others, the Minimus 20v2.

Cross-trainers are made for one thing—to help improve your game during the offseason. Fortunately, the 20v2 delivers even beyond that with a design that truly tests the limits of performance footwear technology. Inspired by NB’s Good Form Running, the cross-trainer features a low profile which encourages a mid-foot strike to improve posture and increase efficiency. With only a 4mm drop from the heel to the toe, the 20v2 is a dream come true for neutral runners. Of course, given its Minimus status, the sneakers can be worn with or without socks. Though we recommend going a half size up if socks are a priority.

Sneaker Report weartesters give this sneaker high marks for many essential categories, including comfort, feel, breathability and of course overall performance. The 20v2 feels even lighter than it’s actual 7.03-ounce weight. A rubber outsole featuring insets gives the shoe ground-hugging traction to ensure safe footing. Its synthetic/mesh upper enables proper ventilation during those extra reps, while the padded collar and methodical lace placement keep the ankle stabilized for sound support. With style to match, the shoe features a European-inspired design that absolutely craves attention.

Bottom Line: The 20v2 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable gym sneaker that can just as easily transition over to the road.

Weight: 7.3 ounces

Find it for $85 at New Balance.

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