Since Nike replaced Reebok as the official NFL sponsor back in April, the league has seen a significant increase in jersey sales compared to previous years. Nike's fresh approach to designing NFL apparel has been instantly rewarded with increased popularity and demand.

The following list of the 25 best selling NFL jerseys features some expected names like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. However, it's the young rookies and second-year players who have been the most popular amongst fans. The top 10 alone has players who haven't played a single snap of regular season football, including Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. It's safe to say that some of this popularity can be attributed to success in fantasy football as well. It will be interesting to track how the numbers change during the course of the season relative to their performance on the field.

Take a look to see where your favorite player ranks, and see who tops the list— it may be a shocker.

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No. 25 - Von Miller 

Team: Denver Broncos

Why It Sells: As the second overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Von Miller has started his career off with a bang. Miller earned a bid to the Pro Bowl in his first season, and the fans in Denver love him. Look for Miller to increase in popularity this season.

No. 24 - Ben Roethlisberger

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Why it Sells: A Super Bowl ring will get you on this list in a hurry. Chances are, most of these jerseys are probably sold in the state of Pennsylvania.

No. 23 - Michael Vick

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Why it Sells: Michael Vick has paid his dues over the past few years. Even though Vick was punished for his off-field behavior, his electrifying plays on the field have still kept him as a popular figure in the NFL.

No. 22 - Darren McFadden

Team: Oakland Raiders

Why it Sells: McFadden hasn't quite lived up to expectations so far in his career, however he has apparently shown enough potential for the Raider Nation to scoop up his jersey in a hurry. The black and silver is definitely a classic look.

No. 21 - Jason Whitten

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Why it Sells: The 7-time Pro Bowl selection has been the go-to player for the Dallas Cowboys more often than not. Whitten's value in fantasy football surely has something to do with his popularity as well.

No. 20 - Brian Urlacher

Team: Chicago Bears

Why it Sells: Historically, the Chicago Bears defense has been one of the best in the league, and for the past decade Brian Urlacher has been the reason why. His ferocity on the field earns him marks in popularity.

No. 19 - DaMarcus Ware

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Why it Sells: The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year is a sack machine. Ware has put the pounding on many quarterbacks over the years.

No. 18 - Marshawn Lynch/ Seattle Seahawks

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Why it Sells: The Seattle Seahawks have some of the best fans in the NFL, so you know they're going to show support for their top running back.

No. 17 - Calvin Johnson

Team: Detroit Lions

Why it Sells: Megatron is the best receiver in the league right now. Johnson is a hot commodity in the world of fantasy football as well.

No. 16 - Ray Lewis

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Why it Sells: Because if you didn't buy his jersey, Ray Lewis would come after you like you're a rookie quarterback.

No. 15 - Clay Matthews

Team: Green Bay Packers

Why it Sells: There are a lot of Packers fans, and they're everywhere. Chances are, everyone of them loves having Matthews on their team.

No. 14 - Rob Gronkowski

Team: New England Patriots

Why it Sells: The real question here is: Why is he posing nude on the cover of ESPN Magazine?

No. 13 - Tony Romo

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Why it Sells: Romo has come a long way since coming into the league as an undrafted quarterback in 2003. Once he got the opportunity, he hit the ground running in route to being one of the top qb's in the NFL. Besides, you know Jerry Jones probably just bought half of the jerseys for himself.

No. 12 - Drew Brees

Team: New Orleans Saints

Why it Sells: As the former Super Bowl MVP, Brees has earned the honor of being an elite quarterback. The Big Easy can't get enough of him.

No. 11 - Victor Cruz

Team: New York Giants

Why it Sells: Cruz has suddenly become a local hero in New York. Given the large concentration of Giants fans in the Tri-State area, it's no surprise that Cruz is on the list.

No. 10 - Troy Polamalu

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Why it Sells: Well for one thing, he's got a cool name, and of course he's quite the athlete. However, if the jersey came attached with a set of locks like his, it would definitely be the No. 1 seller.

No. 9 - Cam Newton

Team: Carolina Panthers

Why it Sells: Being an overall first pick in the draft comes with its advantages. One of them is instant popularity. Cam's obvious potential has people scrambling to get on the bandwagon.

No. 8 - Tom Brady

Team: New England Patriots

Why it Sells: We think it's safe to say that if you're not a Patriots fan, you probably don't like Tom Brady. Lucky for him, Patriots fans seem to be EVERYWHERE.

No. 7 - Patrick Willis

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Why it Sells: San Francisco seems to have returned to its winning ways, and Patrick Wilis is the one leading the way on defense. The 49er faithful worship Willis.

No. 6 - Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers

Why it Sells: Rodgers is, without a doubt, the best quarterback in the NFL right now. We're surprised to see him out of the top 5.

No. 5 - Eli Manning

Team: New York Giants

Why it Sells: A lot of people (outside of the Giants fanbase) still don't consider Eli as a great quarterback. However, the truth of the matter is, he's already won two Super Bowls, including the last one.

No. 4 - Andrew Luck

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Why it Sells: It's not easy to replace a legendary quarterback like Peyton Manning with a rookie. Though it seems like Colts fans are already buying into his potential. The pressure is on.

No. 3 - Tim Tebow

Team: New York Jets

Why it Sells: The funny thing is, if we did a "most hated NFL players" list, Tebow would probably be high up on that one as well. But, jokes aside, Tebow's success in college has followed him to the NFL.

No. 2 - Robert Griffin III

Team: Robert Griffin III

Why it Sells: The Washington Redskins are about to get some upgrades from RG3. The rookie is coming into the league with an enormous amount of hype surrounding him. Now it's up to him to answer the call.

No. 1 - Peyton Manning

Team: Denver Broncos

Why it Sells: Not surprised. Despite missing an entire season due to neck injury, and joining a new team, Peyton is still a well-liked player in the NFL. Younger brother Eli may have Super Bowl rings, but Peyton gets the honors of having the best selling Nike NFL jersey so far in 2012.