Earlier this month, we announced that Kyle Hodge was the winner of the “The Next Sneaker Design Star” competition, and was headed to a multi-day apprenticeship with sneaker company Creative Recreation.

The latest installment of Kyle's blog is below, and you can stay tuned for a video interview with Kyle, coming soon to Complex. As always, keep an eye out for #cr8reckicks on Twitter, and follow @creativerec, @complexmag, @complexsneakers, and Kyle himself @monsieur_hodge, for up-to-the-minute info.

After learning a lot more about the sneaker design process I was able to look back at my original design and find different things I wanted to revamp, particularly the toe area. In my original design the toe is bulky, but in the CAD version it is slimmer, lower and more fit for the shoe. Also, the height of the sneaker is a lot taller than the original, making it a high top shoe. The revamped version came out better than I expected, and I am very confident in the design. I would love for everyone to look at the shoe, and give me some feedback. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.

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