Earlier this month, we announced that Kyle Hodge was the winner of the “The Next Sneaker Design Star” competition, and was headed to a multi-day apprenticeship with sneaker company Creative Recreation. He's now blogging about the experience, and you can check out the latest below.
Stay tuned for more updates on Kyle's sneaker design education, and keep an eye out for #cr8reckicks on Twitter. You can follow @creativerec, @complexmag, @complexsneakers, and Kyle himself @monsieur_hodge, for up-to-the-minute info.

I was able to work on my shoe design with Elliott, a designer from Creative Recreation. We used the Illustrator program to create a CAD for the sneaker. Throughout the design process, Elliott gave me many pointers and guidelines on how to design the shoe. If you look back at the original sketch of my sneaker and the CAD version, there are some changes, such as the toe has been revamped to give the shoe a better look. By the time we finished, I was amazed by how the sneaker came out. Now I can't wait to show the world my sneaker (recently named the "Pilot 1's"). Hopefully, I've impressed the people at Creative Recreation to bring it to life. We'll see!

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