When its comes to basketball shoes its usually the main three brands (Nike, adidas, Reebok) worn by pros, but in recent years companies like ANTA, Li-Ning and Peak have be garnering a strong backing due to their (somewhat) high-profile endorsees. This is where APL comes in, or Athletic Propulsion Labs as its otherwise known, the Los Angeles based brainchild of twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston. Being former athletes themselves, the Goldstons worked day and night with other athletes to create a technology that would enable the wearer to increase their stamina and jump higher and futher. It was through this research that the "Load N' Lauch" technology was born. Now APL gives us a look at their latest basketball shoe, called the Concours. Weighing just 16.08 ounces, the luxurious Nappa full grain leather and suede quilted upper rest beautifully on the crystal clear outsole fully equiped with the revolutionary (and NBA banned) Load N' Launch technology highlighted in neon green. Take a break from the norm and give the APL's a try — available now directly from athleticpropulsionlabs.com. 

[via APL]