"Vans Vault did a lot of collaborations with different stores around the country: Bodega, DQM, Fred Segal. This one, I was able to get. I have a great relationship with Omar over at Commonwealth, and it's very seldom that I pull that card. Omar will tell you, any time he wants to send something, I've already bought it—thank god for online stores. But I knew that there weren't many pairs of this one. I think 8 to 12 pairs of each one with the matching jersey. And it was something I really wanted to have, and there were a lot of colorways that were cool, but that grey colorway was clean. That one and the Baltimore Orioles colorway were the cleanest ones, shoes that I felt could live outside of baseball season. I put red strings in mine to make it hit a little bit more. But I really thought this was an interesting collaboration. Big shouts to MLB and to Vans on this one. The good thing about Vans is that they've been finding a lot of ways to, not reinvent the brand, because they're still selling all the classic models and colorways, but they're finding ways to find people who aren't necessarily beach guys and skater guys to get involved with Vans."