To celebrate the history of its iconic crocodile branding, and the nickname of its founder Rene Lacoste ("The Crocodile"), the LACOSTE brand is releasing a collection of 9 shoes that celebrate the animal and the Mythologies surrounding crocodiles around the world over the next three months. The Missouri is done up in a white croc colorway to illustrate the myth of a South African albino crocodile that is honored as a god of fertility.

Apply a little A then B logic here, and you have a shoe that's going to help you get laid. Sounds like a win win to us. Look for these in late May for $160, and check the jump for additional colorways as well as some of the other shoes in the collection dropping through April, May and June.
Lacoste Missouri Albino (June)

Lacoste Missouri Albino (June)

Tennis 91 West Africa (April)

Tiller Egypt (April)

Ogata India (May)

Ibizia Amazonia (May)

Rene Lacoste Japan (May)

Revan 3 NYC (June)