Even in the normal August doldrums, there’d at least be one or two major theatrical releases hitting your local cinema to get excited over but that’s not the case in 2022. Many of the major blockbuster-style films we’d typically see are hitting streaming television instead. To wit: this week alone features a high-profile series adaptation of A League of Their Own, the beloved Penny Marshall baseball film over on Prime Video. Disney+’s latest animation short collection takes a decidedly Marvel spin with the debut of I Am Groot.

All that alone would probably be enough to get you through the weekend, but there’s still more: Jamie Foxx’s Netflix original movie Day Shift sees the actor as a work-class man taking down vampires for cash in an action comedy that looks to be a good time. AllBlk is launching Send Help, a dark comedy from some of the minds behind Insecure about a first-generation Haitian man struggling to make it in Hollywood after a family tragedy. That’s also to say nothing of the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul, which continues its stellar run towards its series finale. Industry’s fantastic outing (which we’ve already written about, check that if you haven’t already), or Westworld’s fourth season finale on Sunday. Sure, we’ll miss having a major film release this week, but with so much to watch, well, maybe it’s for the best. Dive into our picks below.