Tracy Morgan stopped by Late Night headquarters on Monday, bringing with him a couple of Walmart jokes and a brief reflection on his recently announced casting in a Twins sequel with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

At around the 1:35 mark in the video above, Seth Meyers asked Morgan for his thoughts on inflation and the economy, ultimately resulting in a reference to the 2014 Walmart truck collision that left him seriously injured and killed fellow comedian James McNair, a.k.a. Jimmy Mack.

“Inflation is crazy,” Morgan said Monday. “Prices are going up through the roof, man. I just got some sound, good advice from my financial advisor. He said, ‘You should wait at least a year before you get hit by another Walmart truck.’ At least one year! I gotta listen to him. I gotta listen. I’m going for Amazon now, though. I’m going big now.”

Elsewhere, as seen above, Morgan and Meyers talked about the latest season of The Last O.G. and touched on the aforementioned Triplets project. 

“I’m working with the ex-governor,” Morgan said around the 2:35 mark. “So take that, Tompkins projects. I’m from the projects. Now I’m working with Arnold Swchaarzenegger? That is incredible. Danny DeVito? That’s crazy.”

The comedian also made a point to mention the 30,000-gallon shark tank in his backyard, Chewbacca’s emotional anguish in Star Wars, and his stance on whistling. See more above.

Also this week, Morgan was announced as the new voice of Early Cuyler for the final season of Adult Swim’s Squidbillies series: