A24 seldom fails to evoke emotion from their viewers with any film they release, and David Lowery’s The Green Knight seamlessly follows suit. In true minimalist horror fashion, we are gifted with a medieval fantasy with lots of room for ambiguity and lingering questions; which led me to watch it twice. From Dev Patel starring as Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew, to an unconventional Arthurian journey, to the immense amount of witchcraft, and even down to the color scheming, the film beautifully envelops elements of the 14th century poem it’s based on while creating its own narrative of a nearly hopeless protagonist; The Green Knight is constructed to make you feel its hero’s failure and shame all while taking you through the journey of his search for greatness.

From sorcery to heroism, here’s everything you need to know about The Green Knight. CAUTION: Spoilers are ahead, but you won’t fully understand it until you see it for yourself anyways.