Taking place after the events of Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween is a detailed murder mystery written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. Together they wound up creating a complex story rich in great character development and dynamic action perfectly crafted by Sale’s atmospheric sensibilities.

The plot deals with a serial killer that would commit a murder on every holiday. Simply dubbed “Holiday,” this killer is scantly seen, yet has an enormous impact on the plot as the bodies begin to pile up and the stakes begin to rise. Littered with super villains and mobsters, Loeb takes readers into the mind of the Dark Knight and shows his thoughts on the increasingly psychotic maniacs populating Gotham City.

Blending big screen scope with some intimate character relationships, The Long Halloween has the perfect ratio of plot to character to action. Any Batman fan would willingly give up their right arm to read this book, and even the most jaded of comic book fans would be hard pressed to find too many things wrong with The Long Halloween.

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