Some HBO Max subscribers attempting to watch Tom & Jerry were given a surprise when, instead of getting the cartoon antics of the cat and mouse they intended to watch, they were granted accidental early access to the much-hyped Snyder-cut version of Justice League

Note that this newest addition to the DCEU isn’t supposed to be released until March 18.

The error first surfaced when some Twitter users made a note of it on that social media network. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to one of those users, Doug Bass, who said he got an hour into the four-hour film before it cut off. When he tried to re-access it the mistake was fixed and Tom & Jerry, unfortunately, came on. THR tested the streamer and found that, after an error message came up, the Snyder-cut version did indeed play:

Though he only saw one-quarter of it, Bass added that he was impressed. We can’t vouch for his taste in movies but, whatever, you’ve probably already decided if you’re going to see it or not:

10 days from now, after months of official hype and years of internet chatter, the film will formally debut. Announced in May, it comes three-and-a-half years after the underwhelming blockbuster (which Snyder left mid-production due to a family tragedy) hit theaters. It holds a run-time more than double that of the original (which was completed by Joss Whedon).

You can watch the official trailer here while you wait, or keep clicking HBO Max titles in the hopes that they fucked it up somewhere else.