49. Farnsworth House

Address: 401 Baltimore St.
City: Gettysburg, Pa.
Website: hauntedhouses.com

This fully operational bed and breakfast has plenty of horror stories of its own—but just in case, the establishment's current owners have trucked in plenty more to help scare the bejesus out of the paying tenants.

Built in 1810, the house was taken over by Confederate soldiers during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. The Rebs shot and killed one Jennie Wade, age 20, who became the only civilian casualty of the nearly 8,000 dead during the three-day battle. The Farnsworth House Inn now houses a replica Victorian funeral parlor in its basement, as well as a Lincoln Room (adults only) that features a replica of the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated and newspaper clippings of his funeral procession. Oh, and there's also a Custer Room for those who feel like they need to make a last stand.