The PlayStation 5 launch suffered from a scarcity of consoles and a lack of PS5 exclusives. We gave the console a glowing review in November 2020, where among other things, we referred to the PS5 as “the future of gaming.” But no matter the raw potential, that potential needs to be put into action. Everyone who wants a PS5 should be able to get one. And until the developers step fully into the next generation and stop the cross-platform titles, they will be held back by the constraints of the former.

It’s why the livestream PlayStation Showcase on September 9 generated so much excitement. The supply chain still needs work; Sony doesn’t expect to have that sorted until 2022. But the trailers we got made it clear: the PS4 is on its way out, and the PS5 current-gen exclusives are on their way in.

Here are the major highlights from the PlayStation Showcase on September 9.