Paul Rudd once gave Seth Rogen a massage at a spa in Las Vegas. That tidbit comes courtesy of Rogen’s Twitter feed, with added info that says Rudd saw Rogen enter, convinced the masseuse to let him do it, and then finished with his back only to surprise Seth afterward: 

Given the parties involved, one (meaning you, also me) would be forgiven for thinking this is a joke, but it doesn’t feel like one. It feels more like on-brand trivia about a cool guy who’s charming enough to pull off something that would be a very bad idea for most of us. Also, Rogen told a responder who joked that it might have been a hallucination that he believes Rudd would confirm if asked about it:

This *points up* seems like a pretty easy thing the next person who interviews Rudd should mention, along with potential follow-ups like “How did you convince the masseuse without Rogen seeing/hearing you?” and also maybe ask if he had massage training since Rogen didn’t notice a difference.