A crossing guard in Maryland is being applauded for her work saving a student from being struck by a moving vehicle. 

In a new video shared by WUSA9, Cpl. Annette Goodyear of the North East Police Department can be seen pushing a North East Middle School student out of the way as a car comes flying through a crosswalk, hitting Goodyear and knocking her over. The student entered the crosswalk just before the car came through it, so Goodyear grabbed he by the shoulders and shoved her to the side as she took the hit instead. 

The clip was shot around 7:30 a.m. Friday by a local school bus camera and shared by Cecil County Executive Danielle Hernberger. It also shows the student, driver, and other bystanders making sure Goodyear is OK following the collision, before she was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries and later discharged. 

“We’re just extremely proud of her actions,” Cpl. John Fakner told Baltimore’s CBS 13. “It was a split-second reaction that saved a child from potential injury. A job well done.”

The driver was later cited for several traffic violations, and Hernberger wrote on Facebook that she’s sending “gratitude and prayers” to Goodyear following her heroic actions. Other locals have commended her for her actions, and some have even called her an “angel.” 

“I just spoke with Mayor [Michael] Kline,” she wrote. “The town of North East is already working on commendations for her bravery and swift action! Stay safe out there.”