Black Friday, the biggest retail bonanza of the year, has evolved over time, from a single-day, early morning stampede to a full-fledged week of deals and discounts. And thankfully, with each passing year, it’s become less and less essential to shop in person and get trampled. Cyber Monday and the digital retail boom has seen to that. And this consumer traffic shift is especially true for video games.

It was only a few years ago that games were predominantly stored on physical media, like discs and cartridges. The best deals were at places like Gamestop, where you could pick up second-hand games for a lower price. But digital stores now surpass the brick and mortar stores—Sony and Microsoft charge a flat subscription fee, giving any player access to an instant library of classic games. And even new games can be downloaded and pre-installed days prior to launch. There’s a reason that Gamestop is now a meme stock; its business is no longer sustainable.

Outside of how we are getting games this month, November does host some interesting releases, from the Grand Theft Auto: The Trlogy – Definitive Edition and the relaunch of G4 to Nintendo's upcoming Switch Online update, there are some strong news stories happening this month.

Here is your video game round-up for November 2021.