Lil Uzi Vert has always leaned towards cartoon styles in his album cover art and music videos, and now the rapper has teamed up with a popular U.S. webcomic to make a cameo appearance in its latest episode. 

Uzi connected with Webtoon to be a part of their series unOrdinary, which features an interactive section at the end of the episode that includes Uzi’s 2021 single “Demon High.” The company shared a teaser of the digital episode on social media.

“John and Sera doing normal teenage things – like going to a @liluzivert concert?? 😲 Head over to read the newest episode of #unOrdinary now! Only on #WEBTOON!” Webtoon tweeted.

Episode 248 follows the characters John and Sera as they try to deal with the tension surrounding an impending conflict. They got to an amusement park to ease their nerves before addressing the issue head-on. At the end of the episode, the duo attends a Lil Uzi Vert concert, where “Demon High” begins to play while readers scroll through the panels of the webcomic.

Uzi is also illustrated wearing a “Pink Tape” shirt, alluding to the project that the artist has been working on.

You can read the full episode of Webtoon’s popular comic unOrdinary featuring a cameo from Lil Uzi Vert here.