Kevin Hart’s series Hart to Heart is returning with Season 2, premiering on Peacock on Thursday, July 14, with new one-hour episodes dropping weekly, featuring appearances from Jay-Z, Pete Davidson, Chris Rock, and more.

“After an incredible first season of Hart to Heart, I couldn’t wait to get back in the chair to have more raw and hilarious conversations with some of the best in the business,” Hart says. “There is something special about sitting down with a glass of wine, it brings out honesty and hilarity in guests and delivers real conversations that you won’t get anywhere else.” 

In Season 2 of the hit show, the actor will once again sit down with guests ranging from comedians to musicians to A-list actors. In each episode, Hart and his guests engage in open, insightful, humorous, and unfiltered hour-long conversations over a glass of wine in Hart’s wine cellar. And just like Season 1, the guest list is stacked this season, too. 

Season 2 will also include conversations with Mark Wahlberg, Tyler Perry, Tracee Ellis Ross, Simu Liu, Saweetie, Kristen Stewart, Mike Tyson, and Seth McFarlane. People like Jay-Z and Davidson don’t normally do a lot of interviews or TV appearances of this sort, but how can anyone say no to Kevin Hart? As viewers saw last season, no topic is off-limits and the guests don’t hold back when openly discussing their careers, family, loss, and love.

Peacock has ordered 11 episodes for the new season of the show, which is produced by HARTBEAT. Hart, Jeff Clanagan, Candice Wilson Cherry, Thai Randolph, and Todd Yasui serve as executive producers, and all episodes are directed by Leslie Small. Last season’s guests included Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel, and Taraji P. Henson. 

Kevin Hart Hart to Hart Season 2
Image via NBC

A clip from the Season 1 episode featuring Cheadle went viral last year because of Hart’s hilarious reaction when the actor stated that he was 56-years-old. The comedian instantly said “damn!” with a concerned look on his face, and the moment was shared repeatedly on Twitter and social media.

The show feels almost as if you’re peering into a private conversation between two friends. Hart’s sense of humor, his inviting personality, and wit make him a suitable host. His charisma combined with his established connection to his A-Lists guests also allows for an easy-flowing conversation and creates a welcoming environment for the stars to open up and be vulnerable, which is essential for any quality talk show. 

Watch the teaser trailer for Hart to Heart’s Season 2 above and tune in when it premieres on Peacock on Thursday, July 14.