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A great deal of time has been spent industry-wide figuring out new ways of squeezing the phrase “cousin’s friend’s testicles” into headlines over the past week, all while health officials continue to battle vaccine misinformation amid a slew of troubling pandemic milestones. Now, we have comedian Ken Jeong—who was a practicing internist earlier in life—stepping up to build on the fleet of debunkings the testes-centered vaccine comment from Nicki Minaj has spurred.

Appearing on Tuesday’s Late Late Show, the Masked Singer judge and Hangover franchise star was asked to provide some informed analysis of his own.

“I was a practicing internist,” Jeong told host James Corden at the two minute-mark of the video below. “My wife is still practicing [as a] family medicine practitioner and I think between the two of us—and I’ve talked to my wife about this—we can confidently say that any of the COVID vaccines … do not lead to a swelling of testiclse called elephantiasis in any cousin, nephew, relative.”