Once again, it's on; after almost 20 months of being off-air, Insecure is back with its fourth season. With the schism between Issa and Molly the real focal point of Season 4, you can expect all kinds of heated scenarios and hilarious moments. What you can also expect is Insecure creator and star Issa Rae coming through with a tough collection of new (and new-ish) music to guide the series.

Rae mentioned it on Watch Less; she's always about the music, and when watching the show, you're just as hype for the needle drops as you are the friction between characters. A series that hits you in the head and the heart? Smells like a winner.

As we've done before, we'll be collecting the music from the series, week by week, so you can be up on the heat Issa and company inject into each episode. And for those of you who use Apple Music, here's a playlist of songs from Season 4 of Insecure.