If you think you’re having a bad day, meet Roy Pulver.

This retired special force operative can’t escape the never-ending loop of a harrowing 24 hours in which he’s chased by a fleet of world class assassins. And no matter how far he gets, no matter how many bad guys he takes out, Pulver always dies.

Until one day he lives a little longer than usual. That’s when things get interesting.

In Boss Level launching on Hulu starting March 5, Pulver (Frank Grillo) learns he’s intimately connected with the preservation of civilization, so staying alive is a must. More than just Groundhog’s Day with intricate fight scenes, Boss Level begs the question: if you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

To prep fans for the high-impact action film, Complex hosted a virtual premiere and Q&A.

Following the viewing, Grillo, who did double duty as the movie’s producer, was joined by moderator and Complex’s own Natasha Martinez, director Joe Carnahan and surprise guest, and Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski who played one of the many assassins out to get Pulver.

For thirty minutes, Martinez dug into the crazy antics behind the scenes, the surprise heart and humor of the film, what it was like working with such a star-studded cast including Naomi Watts and Michelle Yeoh, and Frank’s experience getting to act alongside his own son. Check out the exclusive clip for a fun look into the conversation and what’s next for Gronk and his acting career.

Boss Level premieres on Hulu March 5