After Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl this week, the comedian joked about the incident at the after-party.

In audio taken from the party, published by TMZ, Chappelle said that he was thankful for his friends who were present at the show, which was part of the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival in Los Angeles. “I felt good, my friends broke his arm,” laughed Chappelle in the leaked audio. Footage after the incident showed the attacker, Isaiah Lee, getting put into an ambulance with several injuries.

“I felt good,” he continued. “How bad does a n***a have to be that Joe Stewart would stomp him! … I’m very proud.” Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes reportedly got a few hits in on the attacker, who attempted to tackle the comedian. It’s not clear if Stewart was involved in fighting back against the man, but Chappelle was in the process of thanking his friend and others when he was rushed. Shortly after it went down, Chappelle added, “It was a trans man.” Chris Rock, meanwhile, jokingly asked, “Was that Will Smith?”

During the after-party for the event, Chappelle and Busta Rhymes hosted their friends Black Star, aka Mos Def and Talib Kweli. A representative for the comedian and Netflix both released statements condemning the attack.

The attacker is being held on $30,000 bail after being charged for assault with a deadly weapon. The official Twitter account of the LAPD posted an image of the weapon, which is reportedly a replica handgun that can eject a blade.