Complex Comedy Night, the first comedy special from Complex Networks, will be the subject of a live taping at the legendary Comedy Store venue in Los Angeles later this month.

With Complex Comedy Night, the lineup for which is curated by the Oscar-nominated duo the Lucas Brothers, fans can expect a reimagining of the traditional stand-up format that eventually will be a comedy showcase intercut with both a short film and a musical performance. Freddie Gibbs, fresh off his Alfredo Grammy nomination, is set to co-star in the short and also perform.

“We’re beyond thrilled to participate in Complex’s inaugural comedy night,” Kenny Lucas says of the special project. “Being able to work with Complex, Freddie Gibbs, the iconic Comedy Store, and some of the best comedians in the country right now in this capacity is such an honor.” 

“After getting Oscar-nominations, we thought we’d be chilling with Tom Hanks in Peru,” Keith Lucas adds. “Instead, we’re curating a comedy night. I suppose that’s the ebb and flow of life.”

The live taping of the Complex Networks, Film 45, and Lucas Brothers special will take place on Sept. 20. Ticket prices are $25 for General Admission. You can grab tickets here.

Complex Comedy Night is an innovative and unique, new-to-world comedy format, utilizing narrative storytelling and musical performances interwoven throughout original, live-to-tape stand-up routines hosted by the incredible Lucas Bros. with a hand from Freddie Gibbs,” Justin Killion—GM & EVP, Operations & Content at Complex Networks—says. “Complex Comedy will deliver for the Millennial and Gen Z audiences what brands such as Def Jam Comedy and The Bad Boys of Comedy did for the generations prior. The diverse group of young comedians highlighted represent the multicultural, youth-oriented audience which is endemic to the Complex brand.”