In a world of constant collaborations, it’s the unexpected ones that tend to create the biggest buzz. Not because of how eccentric they are, but because they ultimately make sense. That’s exactly what happened when C4 Energy partnered up with Mars Wrigley to launch a special line of STARBURST® candy-inspired flavors this fall.

Nick Kosir C4 Energy x Starburst
Influencer Nick Kosir having a blast in the C4 Energy x Mobile Candy Flavor Shop (Image via C4 Energy)

Available in four classic flavors (strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon), each C4 Energy x STARBURST® can delivers the incredible taste fans of both brands have come to expect. That’s because this collaboration wasn’t something that happened overnight. C4 and Mars Wrigley spent over a year in the lab perfecting the formula to create the most authentic candy flavor experience with zero sugar, carbs, or calories. 

In an effort to help get the word out, the popular performance energy drink unleashed the C4 Energy x Mobile Candy Flavor Shop on the streets of L.A. Loaded with tons of C4 and STARBURST® candy, the customized truck showed up and showed out everywhere from Santa Monica and Hollywood to UCLA football games and, most recently, ComplexCon. Along the way, the fully-stocked ride caught the attention of celebrities like Swae Lee, Chanel West Coast, actress Malika Haqq, and comedian Adam Waheed, among others. 

C4 Energy ComplexCon 21 Suzette James
Suzette James gets pumped for the C4 Energy x Mobile Candy Flavor Shop (Image via C4 Energy)

During the C4 Energy x Mobile Candy Flavor Shop’s stop at ComplexCon, popular influencer Suzette James ushered attendees into the truck, where they could snap pictures, taste test all the flavors, and get their fill of STARBURST® via a built-in candy dispenser. There was also a special giveaway that allowed participants the chance to win one of the C4 Energy Custom Flavor Kicks. Designed by sneaker customizer Mark Nash, each pair (four in total) is inspired by a different C4 Energy x STARBURST® can candy flavor.

C4 Energy Starburst Shoe
Unboxing one of the C4 Energy Custom Flavor Kicks (Image via C4 Energy)

ComplexCon may have been the truck’s final stop for now, but the explosive flavor of C4 Energy x STARBURST® lives on. Be on the look out for updates on the truck’s 2022 road trip destinations and grab a can of your favorite C4 Energy flavors at 7eleven, Kroger, Vitamin Shoppe, and other nationwide locations. 

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C4 Energy x Starburst Promo Team
Image via C4 Energy