Big Sean keeps making his dreams a reality. 

Like almost everyone in his age bracket, Big Sean had an obsession with Dragon Ball Z as a child. Now, because he’s been fortunate enough to have a successful career in entertainment, Sean had the pleasure of meeting voice actor, Seán Schemmel, who voiced Goku in the popular Japanese anime series. Yet, he wasn’t the only one who was excited to see the Saiyan warrior. His mom—who spent a lot of money fueling his love for Dragon Ball Z—wanted to meet Goku as well.

“My Momma meeting Goku in real life, he came to the crib (His name Sean too) shit wild bro, love!” Big Sean captioned an Instagram video of his mother meeting Schemmel. “Bruh my Mom spent so much money we didn’t have on my Dragon Ball Z obsession, this shit is beautiful to see this happen.”

In the clip, Sean’s mother explains to Schemmel that the rapper “loved, loved, loved, and still loves” the anime series. 

“I didn’t know Big Sean,” Schemmel said when explaining the motives behind crafting the Goku character. “But in my head, I’m thinking, ‘That little kid needs to be flipping out. I gotta make him believe this guy is real… To hear it come back after all these years is astounding.’” Schemmel even threw on the voice he used for Goku and showed off the yell the Z-Fighter used to when focusing his energy.