Episode: "1" (Season 1, Episode 1)

As Brian Williams knows all too well, our memories are unreliable. Sometimes what we remember is an exaggeration of the events that actually happened. Memories can be the manifestation of wishful thinking. The Affair is a show about the fragility of memory, and also the ways in which we consciously or subconsciously distort our memories to help us tell the stories that make us feel more comfortable about the past.

This scene is particularly sexy for that reason. Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) is bent over a car hood and fucked (there’s really no better word for it in this case) by her husband in a driveway. The two are still trying to repair their relationship after their son’s tragic death. The catch is that, depending on whose versions of events you believe, she either really, really wanted it, or she didn’t. If she did, it's sexy as hell. —Lauretta Charlton