Bella Hadid’s latest Instagram post sees the model being very candid about mental health and social media.

The 25-year-old took to the social media platform on Tuesday to share a clip of Willow Smith discussing insecurities, making art, and mental health. The footage that Hadid reacted to is from the Complex Networks and Film 45-produced Kid Cudi documentary A Man Named Scott from Amazon Prime.

“That feeling of thinking that you’re good enough or being insecure about your art is natural, but at the same time, I feel like it’s taught,” Willow says in the footage. “All humans are different, every single human has something so special and unique to offer. And people forget that everyone is basically feeling the same way: lost, confused, not really sure why they’re here. That anxiety, everyone is feeling that—and trying to cover it up in some way.”

Willow—who has a musical project called the Anxiety with Tyler Cole—added, “We’re gonna come together in our flaws. In our insecurities, in our joy, in our happiness, and accept it all as beautiful and natural.”

Hadid also offered her personal take on mental health and social media. She opened by telling Willow, “I love you and your words. It made me feel a little less alone and that’s why I’d like to post this.”

She wrote alongside a series of images showing her clearly upset and, in some, crying, “This is pretty much my everyday, every night. For a few years now.”

Hadid also wrote at length about how “social media is not real”—and if you’re struggling, it may seem like you’re alone, but you’re not.

“Self-help and mental illness/chemical imbalance is not linear and it is almost like a flowing rollercoaster of obstacles…it has its ups and downs, and side to sides. But I want you to know, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the rollercoaster always comes to a complete stop at some point.”

Willow commented on Bella’s post, saying, “Your honesty and tenderness heals so many.”