Andy Cohen isn’t the biggest fan of New York’s now-former mayor, and he made that pretty clear last night. 

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live event, Cohen let the whole live broadcast know how he feels about Bill de Blasio—whose position has now been taken up by the new mayor, Democrat Eric Adams, after he was sworn in last night.

Anchor Anderson Cooper appeared to try to get Cohen—who many believe to have been drunk—to quiet down, but the host wasn’t going to, telling the camera that he had been “watching Mayor De Blasio doing his victory lap dance after four years of the crappiest job as the mayor of New York.” Cohen has since taken to Twitter to share that he was “overserved” during the night’s celebration.

“The only thing that the Democrats and the Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been, so sayonara sucker! 2022!” Cohen said. “It’s a new year, and guess what? I have a feeling that I am going to be standing right here next year, and you know what I’m not going to be looking at? Dancing as the city comes apart!”

Shortly after his comments, Adams was sworn in as mayor two months after defeating Republican Curtis Sliwa in the election with 67 percent of the vote. Adams did so with his hand on a bible and while holding a photo of his late mother Dorothy, who passed away last year. 

“Trust me, we’re ready for a major comeback because this is New York,” he said.